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Read carefully the terms and conditions of the broker that you use. After a deal is agreed the customer transfers their funds to a broker where they will be held in a client account at The Bank. The funds will be segregated and identifiabe. These accounts are separate to The Brokers's other accounts and no third party has a charge, lien or right to any funds held within a 'Client Accounts', at any time.

Check that your funds are insured against any employee of The Broker you have choosen transferring funds to an account other than that which you request.

UK currency Brokers comply with The Bank of England regulations for international money transfers and as such is licensed by HM Customs and Excise as a Money Services Business.

In order to obtain the most competitive market rates foreign currency transactions are negociated with several Banking Institutions. All these third parties are subject to SFA licensing and regulation before proceeding with your choosen broker, be sure that you are clear who they are andwhat the exact procedure is.


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