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Euro Currency Exchange and Transfer


The Euro - Currrency.

The European common market was set up to increase inter-state trading. On 1st January 1999 a long held goal was achieved with the introduction of the euro currency. Eleven of the member states took up the euro in place of their own currency. Long established currencies such as the Franc, Lira and the Deutschmark were given up in favour of the euro.

The introduction of the euro has made trading in Europe a lot simpler and increased trade. The euro as a sum of its parts is a much stronger currency and the euro has strengthened against the US dollar and the pound after it weakened after its introduction. The euro against US Dollar exchange rate is now a critical measure.

European member states no longer have to trade in many currencies, only in the euro. Of course they also have to have concerns about the euro dollar rate, the euro pound rate and the euro yen rate. If they export they will also have to monitor the dollar against euro rate, the pound euro rate and the pound yen exchange rate. Equally some of these member states also have large marketplaces around the world and so the euro South Africa Rand rate and the euro Australian Dollar are also now regular trades.

The British Pound used to be the second most important world currency after the US Dollar, but now the euro is the number two currency and sterling third. So the US Dollar euro rate or euro against the dollar exchange rate is the prime rate and from a British perspective the pound euro rate is the key exchange rate followed by the sterling dollar rate.

However the trade that you are about to make is the most important one to you - whether it is the sterling pound rate, the pound euro rate or even the pound against the New Zealand dollar - we can give you a live trading exchange rate.


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Euro Exchange and Transfer at 2005