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International Money Transfer

Global money transfer overseas, often Sterling to Dollar, Sterling to Euro, US Dollar to Euro, money transfer to India is often US Dollars - whatever is required currency conversion and transfers can be put in place. International money transfer keeps the money markets busy 24 hours a day, foreign exchange money orders mean that you can buy, sell, order, wire and transfer currency at the very latest exchange rate available. Spot rate and forward contracts are useful tools for ensuring you get the best currency deal that suits your requirements.

Forex Brokers can transfer money from most countries and currencies around the world. Some of the more unusual currencies have specific rules that need to be applied. Contact a Forex Broker in the dealing room and get advise on money exchange and transferring funds overseas.


Country: Currency: Australia Australian Dollar Austria Austrain Schilling Belgium Belgium Euro Bulgaria Bulgarian Lev Canada Canadian Dollar Switzerland Swiss Franc Czech Republic Czech Koruna Cyprus Cypriot Pound Denmark Danish Krone Germany German Euro Estonia Estonian Kroon - or Euro Spain Spainish Euro European Union Euro or Euros Finland Finish Mark France French Euro Greece Greek Drachma Hong Kong Hong Kong Dollar Hungary Hungarian Forint Iceland Icelantic Krone India Indian Rupee - US Dollars are often transferred Ireland Irish Euro Italy Italian Euro Japan Japanese Yen South Korea Korean Won Lithuania Lithuanian Litas Luxembourg Franc Latvia Latvian Lev Netherlands Dutch Euro New Zealand New Zealand Dollar Norway Norwegian Krone Malta Maltese Lire Poland Polish Zloty Portugal Portuguese Euro Romania Romanian Leu Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian Riyal Sweden Sweedish Krone Slovenia Slovenian Tolar Singapore Singapore Dollar Slovakia Slovakian Koruna Thailand Thai Baht Turkey Turkish Lire Taiwan Taiwanese New Dollar United Kingdom British Pound Sterling United States US Dollar or American Dollars South Africa South African Rand

The State of the world currencies;
The US Dollar is dominating the currency market at the moment but not for the usual reasons. The US Dollar is extremely weak against most world currencies. The Dollar Pound rate is at an 11-year high and equally the euro boasts an all-time high, albeit with a shorter trading record. The Swiss franc against the US Dollar is at its strongest since 1996, and the Swedish krona Dollar rate and Norwegian kronor US Dollar rate have hit post-1997 highs. The market is driven by the US Dollar euro exchange rate, as the eurozone becomes an attractive proposition for investors. The other currencies have followed suit.

The US economy is actually performing well. Unfortunately

its consumers demands are creating more and more imports. Europe, Canada, the Far East and China are all net exporters to the USA by considerable margins. The imports are largely the car industry, oil , IT and the rag trade. Because of this the USA needs to borrow funds to finance the trade and current-account deficits that occur as a result.

In the USA interest rates are a major driver in the worldwide exchange rates and the Dollar loses and the euro wins.

However this is not all bad for the USA. The consumer wins with cheaper goods, companies can create larger margins and more jobs as exporters in Europe and Asia find it harder to compete. More tourists will book holidays and national will stay at home for vacation. Commodities such as metals, minerals and crops are traded in dollars meaning that prices boom as the dollar weakened. Oil prices and gold prices have risen proportionally.

The imponderable is how far the dollar will fall and until when.

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