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- Save money with foreign currency exchange and transfer.

Many people use foreign currency dealeres services. A broker can usually help anyone that requires currency exchange and transfers. Whether you are a small business, a company or a private individual a broker should be able to help.

Below are a list of the type of clients that save time and money buying foreign currency through a dealer:

People that buy properties abroad, including Spain, France, Italy, Florida, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Poland, Bulgaria, Sweden and Thailand.

Small business's that import or export goods such as electrical shops, furniture shops and clothes shops. We have motorcycle retailers who import parts and benefit from excellent exchange rates.

Some Travel agents pay for accommodation in local money, and take payment in various currencies. Textile importers, caravan importers and dental products importers are amongst our client base - we help all sorts of manufacturing companies that import all manner of machines.

Individuals importing cars and yachts accelerate profits within the exchange rate, and need to transfer small amounts to overseas accounts for deposits and then send a larger transfer for the final payment.

Art dealers buying art abroad, can take advantage of swift payments in multi currencies around the world.

Horse dealers buying horses and equine equipment overseas require foreign currency to be wired to auctions and suppliers around the globe.

Some companies may transfer less than 1000 euros a month, others transfer hundreds of thousands of currency. Whatever your business or individual private requirement, whatever amount you require ask a Forex Broker to provide a quotation for your currency conversion and transfer. Many brokers offer online services which leads to very convenient transactions.


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